T H E 

P O L L I N A T O R S  P R O J E C T 

'Our Plant a Tree for a Bee project stemmed from the desire to incorporate ecological restoration into the everyday running of our business.'

For every bottle you buy, we

plant a Tree 

for a 


Its a start! so far we have raised enough for 200 trees. 

The ‘non for profit’ pollinator project aims to create a sanctuary for the continuation of Indigenous culture, the protection of native pollinators and the preservation of natural ecological systems. The sanctuary will be a place of storytelling, an exploration into Indigenous knowledge and will provide a place where our native pollinators will be protected.


The site will include a native Australian medicinal plant garden which will integrate into the present ecosystem, non permanent native pollinator walls and a variety of native bee hive designs; all of which will bring to light, the plants and animals already present within this ecosystem in a creative way.

The prospective site already holds the highest diversity of plants used by local indigenous people for cultural, medicinal and nutritional purposes and has healthy populations of our native bees; from the sweetest of sweet, the sugar bag to the most striking of the lot the blue banded bee. 

Globally bees are under immense pressures and our Australian bee populations are by no means free from these pressures. By providing a site away from industrial farming practices, pollution and extractive industry, our native pollinators will have the best chance of continuing to thrive within the natural landscapes in which they have lived for thousands of years. 


Lets collaborate and connect over this project pollinator people! We are currently undertaking weed eradication and site prep.


If you think you can help in any way, big or small, email us! We are fund raising though the sales of our eradication Manuka honey at airports in Australia and through sales of our organic cotton pollinator shirts in the SHOP section of our site. Check them out!


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